outlander sam heughan caitriona balfe hearts starz An 'Outlander' love letter: Please don't be an ugly baby
It’s that time of year again — candy hearts, boxes of chocolates, mushy cards. In honor of Valentine’s Day 2014, Zap2it is penning some “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” odes to our favorite shows. 

Dear “Outlander,”
I know you’ve not even been born yet. I’m writing to an in-utero baby, really, going off of ultrasound trailers and Twitter heartbeats. But can I say, I already love you and I’m excited to meet you?
Because I really love what you’re being created from (the best-selling “Outlander” novels,) the person that created them (“Herself” aka Diana Gabaldon) and the people piecing you together (executive producer Ron Moore, of “Battlestar Galactica” fame, and Bear McCreary who is doing the music). I’ve waited years and years for you to be put on a screen — big or small — while courting new fans by slipping paperbacks with a “welcome to the cult” stage whisper.
While I’ve waited, I’ve also worried that, well, you wouldn’t be just right. These are huge stories, with dozens of characters, castles, costumes, countries and ships. I’ve pondered how it could be done, especially when other well-loved book series like “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” were made into movies and shows, and thrown up my hands (and book) with a “whatever … it’ll never happen anyway.” 
But you are happening! Your behind-the-scenes clips, photo teases and excited stars are building up my hopes and dreams (Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe may just break the Internet eventually with their fan interactions). Sam won me over just by saying “mo nighean donn” directly into the camera.
I mean, seriously.
Please “Outlander,” don’t turn out to be the “‘Seinfeld’ ugly baby.” Don’t make me cringe and recoil, because I really want to swoon. I don’t want to ever say “oh, the books are so much better!” Please let me say instead “the show is awesome, and complements the books SO WELL.” Don’t let me, and countless other fans, down. Be as beautiful and respectful as I already believe you will be, because if “Herself” believes in you, I believe in you. 
And I bet you’re going to be really pretty. Who wants to come over for my premiere party? We’re having haggis!
Not really. Shortbread and whiskey!
All my love,
Kiley (mom to James … yeah, totally not kidding)
Posted by:Kiley Thompson