agassi shocked by armstrong Andre Agassi 'shocked' by Lance Armstrong doping confession

Andre Agassi is the latest athlete to respond in the wake of Lance Armstrong‘s doping confession. In a new interview, the tennis player says he is shocked by Armstrong having duped the cycling community for so long.

“Well, my reaction to it is the same as everybody. It was shock, hard to stomach, sadness, disappointment. I think ‘anger’ is a fair word,” he tells reporters, via Reuters. “I was certainly one of those that flat out believed him that long period of time. The thought of it not being the case was unconscionable to me.”

Agassi and Armstrong have a history together, as they founded the organization “Athletes For Hope” in 2007. At least Agassi can relate a little bit: He admitted to recreational use of meth in his autobiography “Open.” He says in this interview that he doubts anyone would be able to pull off the “level of cheating” Armstrong did in the tennis community.

“It’s sad to watch people who may question things for those that worked pretty darn hard,” Agassi says of cleaning up drug use in sports. “Describing a problem is a heck of a lot easier than solving it, is one thing I’ve learned. Let’s always have the discussion of making it more comprehensive.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz