andrew keegan gi Andrew Keegan tasered and detained by cops after a loud partyRemember Andrew Keegan? He was like, sooo dreamy on “7th Heaven” and sooo obnoxious (but still dreamy!) in “10 Things I Hate About You.”

The ’90s heart throb, now 32 years old, was tasered by police officers when they arrived on the scene to a loud party in Marina Del Ray. TMZ reports that cops received a noise complaint, but when they asked Keegan to turn his music down, he became aggressive.

“He was tasered right in front of me,” one party-goer told Us. “Oh my God, it was so awful.”

Apparently, the scene was so intense that helicopters and over 15 uniformed officers were called to the scene. “He was throwing a block party [and I] saw it happen,” says the witness. “You could tell he was in pain.”

Friends say that the incident shook him up pretty badly. He was never arrested.

We’re going to go watch “Camp Nowhere” now.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie