andrew rannells girls hbo Andrew Rannells on Elijah's return in 'Girls': 'We're figuring that out right now'

Andrew Rannells had to leave HBO’s “Girls” after only four episodes in Season 2, but he’s hoping that his character Elijah will make an appearance in the recently announced Season 3.    Despite having a leading role on the NBC series “The New Normal,” Rannells confirmed that he is in talks to return as Hannah’s gay ex-boyfriend and ex-roommate.

“I hope so,” he told Zap2it at the Paleyfest red carpet for “The New Normal” when asked if he’d be returning to “Girls.” “I think we’re figuring that out right now, but that’s certainly my hope.”

During his eight episodes on “Girls,” Rannells developed an infatuation with the series’ creator/writer/star/director/executive producer, Lena Dunham. He said that if she says the words, he’ll be back for more episodes.

“Listen, I’m completely in love with Lena Dunham. I would do anything she wants me to do. Whatever she wants,” he said. “I would do anything she wanted.”

When asked what he’d want for Elijah’s storyline this time around, Rannells said, “I just want to do as much with Lena Dunham as possible — in every way.”

“Girls” airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz