colin farrell portrait getty Angelman Syndrome: Colin Farrell discusses son's condition on 'Ellen'Actor Colin Farrell stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for Friday’s episode as part of his “Fright Night” promotion, and he had the chance to talk about a cause very close to his heart: fundraising and spreading awareness about Angelman Syndrome.

Farrell’s beloved son James, who will be eight years old this year, was born with the Angelman Syndrome form of Cerebral Palsy. He struggles with severe developmental disabilities and difficulty with speech and motor functions, and also suffers from seizures.

Farrell also spoke out about his son in 2008, when the media scrutinized his passionate involvement with the Special Olympics. “”I didn’t talk about my son [but] I felt like I was betraying him, like
it could be misconstrued as shame, which would be terrible, because he’s
such a celebration,” he said.

“I look around and I see people who move perfectly, who walk with grace,
who speak with great diction and clarity and a great use of the English
language and we’re all miserable f—ers – including me, at times,” he continued. “And then I see this fella who doesn’t move the way what’s perceived to be ‘normal’ is, and he’s as happy as can be.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie