The singer eliminated from the “American Idol” Top 3 was a bit of a surprise. With strong social-media love and a great night of performances, Angie Miller‘s elimination was not what many expected. But someone had to go, and Angie was the one to leave before the finals.

We talked to Angie right after the Thursday-night show. Find out what she had to say in this interview.

How are you feeling after the elimination?

Angie Miller: I’m good. I’m not disappointed. I know that this is only the start. I’m not going to lie, it was a little shocking but it was a good kind of shocking because I know that this is just the start. It’s bitter and sweet.

What was it like having to sing right after hearing the news?

Angie Miller: I sounded like crap. I was like “Do I have to?”

Did you expect to be eliminated tonight or did you think you were headed to the finals?

Angie Miller: Well, I definitely thought that with the hometown visit and with how huge social media has been … I did feel kind of confident that I was going to make it into the finale. I’m not going to lie.

Did you expect to see Candice or Kree in the finals with you?

Angie Miller: Either of them.  It doesn’t matter. They are both incredible. They are amazing. I don’t know. I just know that I’m excited to sing in finale next week and for the tour.

What do you see coming up for you after “Idol”?

Angie Miller: I’m really excited to start the future because I know that I want to make albums. I want to be on TV shows and acting and singing and everything. I’m excited to see the offers that are going to come because I really can’t wait to start planning the future … more original songs and everything!

What is the most important memory you’ll take away from this season?

Angie Miller: Honestly, when I think of this whole experience and people ask me, “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What’s the best moment?” It was when I was able to sing “You Set Me Free,” my original song. Being able to have this platform on this show and being able to sing my song in front of this many people — that really was the launch. That was the start. That’s when everything changed for me, and I feel like that song and that moment will be able to carry me on into the future. I can’t wait to record it!

What’s going to be the best part of having this week without any pressure of judging or elimination?

Angie Miller: Oh it’s going to be cool singing this coming Thursday and on the tour and not being judged — just singing your heart out. That’s going to be a good feeling and just doing full songs and stuff. It’s going to be so cool.

Will you be able to perform one of your original songs on the tour?

Angie Miller: I’m hoping I can. I hope so!

Posted by:Laurel Brown