pfeiffer hathaway berry Anne Hathaway as Catwoman: Can she pull it off?When news broke on Wednesday morning that Anne Hathaway was cast as Catwoman in “The Dark Knight Rises,” Christopher Nolan’s latest “Batman” movie, the internet erupted in protest — as it does any time any living, breathing human is cast in a comic book role.

After initial skepticism about Heath Ledger’s Joker role proved to be totally wrong, we’re inclined to trust Nolan’s judgment. Then again, he’s also the guy who cast Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes in “Batman Begins,” and she was almost universally panned.

So what of Hathaway as Catwoman? Nolan puts his trust in her, and she’s certainly proven that she can pull off a diverse array of roles. But will this one be the one that’ll finally help her shed the saccharine, quirky “Princess Diaries” image that she just can’t seem to shake – even after copious nudity in “Love And Other Drugs”?

We’re going to bet on Hathaway being able to surprise us — if she can carry the feline sexuality required for the role. Overt sexuality has proven not to work for Catwoman – Halle Berry‘s bondage-chic version fell completely flat in 2004, so Hathaway’s more subtle brand will likely go over better. But can she outshine Michelle Pfeiffer‘s 1992 “Batman Returns” Catwoman?

We want to know what you thinK! Weigh in below in the comments and tell us whether you think Hathaway’s got what it takes — or who you wish had been cast instead.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie