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Raffaello Follieri is best known as the former boyfriend of Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, who got busted defrauding people out of millions of dollars. Hathaway ended the relationship in 2008, while Follieri was being investigated by authorities. In the end, he pleaded guilty to 14 different charges, including wire fraud and money laundering, and spent four years in prison. Hathaway moved on, and is now married to actor Adam Shulman.
Follieri was released from prison in 2012, and the New York Post reports he’s hoping to find a way back into the United States. Currently, his status as a felon keeps him from being able to enter the country. Though, a source says Follieri plans to lobby for a presidential pardon, as soon as he has the money to afford it. He also claims to be purchasing a Swiss energy company, but again, money is the problem.
Follieri has been largely removed from the public eye since his release from prison. However, he did release a series of personal pictures from his relationship with Hathaway last July.
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