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The bizarre news continues to stack up for New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. He’s been coming under fire after admitting to more sexting following his resignation from Congress. There’s also that pesky photo, alleged to be of his penis, floating around the internet. Now, one of his top aides is being criticized for comments she made about a former intern who wrote an article about the campaign.
Olivia Nuzzi, a college student who interned with the campaign for four weeks, wrote in the New York Daily News that many campaign staffers were there simply hoping to make a connection with Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, who works for Hillary Clinton. She also says that Weiner seemed inexperienced at times and referred to several interns as “Monica.” Nuzzi further notes that his communications director, Barbara Morgan, was previously the press secretary for the New Jersey state education commissioner, before being brought onto the campaign. Of course, that came after she mentioned reports that Weiner had trouble finding campaign veterans who would work with him.
When Talking Points Memo contacted Morgan to get a comment about the article and Nuzzi, she responded with a string of expletives, calling the former intern a “b****,” “slut” and many other colorful names. “I’m dealing with like stupid f***ing interns who make it on to the cover of the Daily News even though they signed [non-disclosure agreements] and/or they proceeded to trash me,” she says, “And by the way, I tried to fire her, but she begged to come back and I gave her a second chance.”
Morgan also doesn’t take kindly to Nuzzi writing about her last job. “And then like she had the f***ing b**** to like trash me in the paper. And be like, ‘His communications director was last the press secretary of the Department of Education in New Jersey’,” she says, “You know what? F*** you, you little c***. I’m not joking, I am going to sue her.”

Again, this is Weiner’s communications director. Check out TPM for the full transcript of her comments. Read them at your own risk though, they’re very vulgar.
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