anwan glover the wire stabbed 'The Wire' actor Anwan Glover stabbed at Washington, D.C. nightclub“The Wire” actor Anwan Glover, who is best known for playing Slim Charles on the Baltimore-set HBO drama, was attacked and stabbed in a Washington, D.C. nightclub in the early hours of Sunday (Aug. 3).

According to the Washington Post, Glover was on the second floor of the club when a stranger punched him. As he turned around, another person hit him to the ground, where he was kicked and stabbed in the right side of his torso.

There was another attack at the same club earlier in the night, but D.C. police say there’s no correlation between Glover’s attack and the second, which involved a man punching a woman in the mouth (he was kicked out after the assault).

Glover, who was shot as a teenager in Maryland, has spoken out in anti-violence campaigns.

Posted by:Jean Bentley