apollo 18 'Apollo 18': Watch the sci fi thriller's first trailerThe first trailer for the new sci-fi thriller “Apollo 18,” directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego,  has arrived! Aren’t you so excited?!

Well, we’ve never heard of it, but we still hope you are. “Apollo 18” explores the reason why Apollo 17 was NASA’s last mission to the moon through a found-footage approach. “In the years that followed there was unconfirmed intelligence of an
18 mission. No evidence has ever been found… Until now.” the trailer reads.

NASA wanted to send three more Apollos to the moon in the ’70s, but canceled them due to budgetary reasons. The film says it’s about the real mission to space that was canceled by NASA because of what the astronauts found. Its tagline? “There’s a Reason We’ve Never Gone Back to the Moon.”

The trailer follows the astronauts (on the 18th mission, duh!) as their mission is turned into — what else? — a fight against aliens inhabiting the moon.  Seems like if they are bitten by the alien, they start to go a bit space-crazy.

The film was written by Brian Miller and Corey Goodman. “Apollo 18” lands in theaters on Apr. 22, 2011.

Posted by:tbricker