archer lana fugue and riffs season 4 premiere fx 'Archer' Season 4: 10 things to expect from the first four episodes“Archer” returns to FX tonight and the first four episodes are, well, classic “Archer.”

The season premiere, “Fugue and Riffs,” premieres at 10 p.m. We took an advance look at the premiere and the next three episodes — “The Wind Cries Mary,” “Legs” and “Midnight Ron” — to give you 10 teasers of what’s to come. (In case you’re not caught up, Season 3 of “Archer” is available on DVD right now — it’s worth checking out for a few storylines that come back in the new episodes.)

If you’re worried about spoilers, stop reading now, but we tried not to spoil the fun.

1) You won’t wait long for the “Bob’s Burgers” crossover

Season 4 opens with the much-anticipated “Bob’s Burgers” crossover, as Archer has a Jason Bourne-style case of amnesia and believes he’s Bob Belcher from the FOX animated comedy. In case you’re not aware of the connection: H. Jon Benjamin voices both Archer and Bob. The crossover is very much in the “Archer” style with a few nods to “Bob’s” (including a guest vocal by John Roberts as Bob’s wife Linda).

2) Meet Archer’s best friend: Lucas Troy

“Justified” star Timothy Olyphant delivers a hilarious guest vocal in episode 2 as Archer’s ambiguously gay best friend from the spy academy, Lucas Troy. Yes, Archer and Troy share their surnames with the main characters of “Face/Off,” but no that doesn’t come into play.

archer lana season 4 premiere fugue and riffs fx 'Archer' Season 4: 10 things to expect from the first four episodes3) Barry’s fate revealed

The last we saw Archer’s arch-rival, Barry Dylan, he was stranded on the International Space Station. You’ll find out what happened after that at the end of the season premiere.

4) Archer’s fear of cyborgs hits close to the office

Archer is still grappling with his greatest fear: robotic humans. So when Krieger offers to get Ray out of his wheelchair by giving him robo-parts in episode 3, Archer goes a little bit ballistic.

5) There’s a new flashback to Katya’s death

Krieger’s little project with Ray also gives us a previously unseen glimpse at Katya’s fate after she dove off the building with Barry to protect Archer in the Season 2 finale “Double Trouble.” It’s… unsettling.

6) Malory has a new love interest: Ron Cadillac

As much as Archer can’t stand it, his mother has needs and this season she has a recurring love interest: bigshot car dealer Ron Cadillac (voiced by Jessica Walter’s real-life husband Ron Leibman). He’s introduced in episode 1, but expect to learn a lot more about him when he forms a surprising bond with Archer in episode 4.

malory archer season 4 fx 'Archer' Season 4: 10 things to expect from the first four episodes7) On a related note, Jessica Walter is still awesome

And the way Malory delivers three little words (“That’s a niche”) in the season premiere has us even more excited about the return of “Arrested Development.”

8) Someone coins the word “chlamyd-idiot”

And there’s only one person that could refer to. Well, one person besides Archer. (It’s not Archer.)

9) Cyril gets some action

With ISIS still remarkably short-staffed for an international spy agency, Cyril continues moving into field work. But no, he still can’t handle a gun properly and as demonstrated in episode 2, he can’t even dress properly.

10) “Some freaky parallel universe where John Waters directed ‘The Road Warrior.'”

You’ll see exactly what that means — in all its disturbing glory — in episode 4.

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