archer vice a debt of honor 'Archer Vice' episode 3 GIFs and best lines: George Takei returns with the YakuzaWith the failed drug deal down in Miami leaving the new “Archer Vice” cartel wondering what to do with a million dollars in counterfeit money, Pam takes it upon herself to use the (albeit very good) fakes to buy amphetamines from the Yakuza.

It doesn’t take long for the Japanese crime syndicate to realize they’ve been had, so Mr. Moto (guest star George Takei) and his henchmen surround Tunt Manor because “A Debt of Honor” is owed.

Luckily, Archer gets the drop on Moto and makes a deal — costing the cartel $5 million in cocaine. At least Pam is safe, though she’s continuing to chow down on cocaine like it’s candy. Oh, and Ron gets shot (but he’ll be fine) and Woodhouse is sadly and hilariously trapped under a medicine ball in the old-timey gymnasium.

Disappointingly, no Cherlene song this episode

Best Lines:

Archer: “My point, unless Pam ate it, is that things could be a lot worse.”

Ron: “I smoked a reefer cigarette once …”
Lana: “Let me guess, with some Negros?”
Ron: “As luck would have it.”

Malory: “Cyril, go lock up the product before Cokie Monster here gobbles it all up. …”
Cyril: “Where am I supposed to lock up 2000 pounds of cocaine?
Archer: “Cyril, look around. Somewhere in this mansion, I have to assume, is a gigantic Scrooge McDuck-ian vault.”

Archer: “The Yakuza?!”
Malory: “What, were the Hells Angels busy?”
Pam: “Busy bein’ p***ies. You know, relatively, when compared to the deadly and terrible Yakuza.”

Lana: “I will break both of your collarbones and then pull them out of your body and use them to play, in its entirety and on your head, ‘Moby Dick.'”

Cheryl: “Since I can’t write a genre-defining country song with you people screaming about a horde of Chinese daylight vampires, who are probably scuttling up the drain pipes even as we speak, go out there and kill them!”

Lana: “Have you ever heard a country song?”
Archer: “Ummm, ‘Danger Zone’?”



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