muppet show returning to tv gi Are The Muppets returning to TV after 'Muppets Most Wanted'?

Is it time for The Muppets to grace TV screens once again? It might be after a less than stellar box office reception for “Muppets Most Wanted.” Though 2011’s “The Muppets” earned $165 million worldwide, the followup only made $70 million on a reported budget of $50 million.
Nicholas Stoller, who wrote both, is currently promoting his latest movie “Neighbors,” and tells Collider that TV may be the next step for The Muppets. “I know they’re working on something to get them back on TV,” Stoller says. “I have no idea where it’s at, but I definitely think so.”
How will they return? Stoller’s idea sounds like a version of “The Muppet Show” that made them famous. “I think there’s a big opportunity for that kind of variety show,” he says. “You could do it partially live. There are all these things you could do with Muppets that you can’t do with a lot of other things.” That’s similar to what “Muppets Most Wanted” songwriter Bret McKenzie told Zap2it in March.
It’s still to early to know if a Muppet TV show will actually materialize, but knowing it’s at least something that’s being thought about it promising. Whatever happens, hopefully they’ll follow the lead of “The Muppet Show” rather than “Muppets Tonight.”

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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