ariana grande miley cyrus complex magazine cover Ariana Grande: Miley Cyrus bullies are jealous and 'need Jesus'“Sam & Cat” star Ariana Grande is defending her fellow child actress-slash-pop singer, Miley Cyrus in a big way. She starts out nice enough, but gets down to business pretty quickly. In other words, watch out, haters.

“Miley looks like she is having the time of her life,” Grande tells Complex magazine. “And I think anybody who’s giving her a hard time is wishing deep down they were having as much fun as she is right now.” So, basically, if you take issue with Miley getting naked on camera, making vulgar gestures on the MTV VMA stage, or promoting casual underage drug use … you’re just jealous, y’all! (We hope you’re listening, Brooke Shields.)
In fact — because bullying is the new black — Ariana’s going to throw that term around too. “People are being so cruel,” she says. “I think that’s bullying, and she should do whatever the hell she wants. Everybody needs to have more fun. If it’s not your taste, don’t look at it. I get so hyped up about the Miley thing because I think she’s cool.” Cool.
Grande has a parting message for critics in general, telling the mag, “People have too much damn time on their hands and just need Jesus if you ask me.” Well, in fairness, they did ask her.
Now as for that supposed sex toy she may or may not have accidentally included in the background of a recent selfie, Grande sets the record straight. “Everybody was like ‘There’s a big black dildo on the floor,'” she reports. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? That’s a microphone for my looping machine because I’m a singer.'” Duh!
Just in case you can’t get enough of this young wordsmith, here’s a little more from Grande, who covers the December 2013-January 2014 issue of Complex:
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