ariel winter chrisoula workman abuse Ariel Winter gets back to work on 'Modern Family' as her mother denies abuse

Ariel Winter isn’t letting her recent abuse scandal hold her back. The 14-year-old actress has been removed from her mother’s custody following allegations of physical and emotional abuse, but she was still spotted getting back to work on the set of “Modern Family” earlier this morning.

The teen best known as Alex Dunphy was placed under the guardianship of her older sister, Shanelle Gray, after an Oct. 3 court hearing. Workman was similarly taken away from their mother, Chrisoula “Crystal” Workman, back in the 1990s and was later placed in a foster home. The next custody hearing for Winter is set for Nov. 20.

But, if Chrisoula Workman is to be believed, the whole incident is a big misunderstanding. She tells People that “it’s all untrue,” echoing the sentiments her son, Jimmy Workman, said earlier today.

“I have my doctor’s letter that my daughter’s never been abused. … I have stylists’ letters that she’s never been abused,” Chrisoula claims.

According to the court documents filed, Winter is alleging that she is suffering from “ongoing physical abuse (slapping, hitting, pushing) and emotional abuse (vile name-calling, personal insults about minor and minor’s weight, attempts to ‘sexualize’ minor, deprivation of food, etc.) for an extended period of time.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz