expendables cast Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis cast in 'Expendables 2': Norris, Van Damme rumored

Sylvester Stallone’sThe Expendables” is basically how boys played pretend during the summer of 1992. Pick an action mega-star and imagine if they were all in the same movie, exploding the same things at the same time. It seemed impossible until Stallone pulled it off to the tune of $225 million in worldwide box office gross.

Now it appears that the fantasy cast is growing. It was announced today (Sep. 6) that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, both cameos in the first film, have signed on for “substantial” roles in the sequel alongside Stallone.

But perhaps most exciting are the rumors that the cast will expand to include none other than Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. That’s right. 71-year-old memebase Huckabee supporting Chuck Norris will potentially make his triumphant return to the silver screen. And it should be noted that Chuck Norris doesn’t ask you to silence your cell phone before a movie — he tells you.

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