arnold schwarzenegger sept 2012 gi Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Newtown tragedy and violent moviesFrom “Predator” to “Total Recall,” Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in some of the most violent Hollywood movies of all time. With “The Last Stand,” his first starring role in a decade about to hit theaters, it’s no surprise that reporters are asking him to weigh in with his thoughts on Hollywood violence and the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

“You have kids, so you just immediately imagine what it would be like to have kids in that school,” Schwarzenegger says in an interview with USA Today. “You cannot even relate to it when something like this happens. How horrific it is for the kids.”

But Schwarzenegger believes audiences are able to separate frightening facts from Hollywood fiction. “It’s entertainment, people know the difference,” he says. “We have to separate the two. What’s most important it that we as a society do a better job to prevent these sort of things. You cannot totally eliminate them. There will always be some crazy guy out there shooting. There are mentally ill people. The question is, what can we do?”

“Look, anyone that makes the first shot their mother, you know that does not come from a movie,” Schwarzenegger continues. “It’s mental illness. Insanity. If we don’t address that, we don’t have much.”

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