rogello baena Arnold Schwarzenegger update: Mildred Baena's ex, Rogello Baena, surprised to learn he wasn't boy's dadIf everything we’ve heard about how much Mildred Baena’s 13-year-old son looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then we’re kind of surprised it took not only Maria Shriver, but Baena’s ex-husband, years to catch on to the kid’s lineage.

Schwarzenegger recently admitted to having fathered a child with Baena, a longtime member of his household staff who left in January after 20 years of service.

Now Baena’s ex-husband is speaking out. In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Rogello Baena said he only found out last week that the boy is not his child and says that he feels “betrayed” by his ex-wife and by Schwarzenegger who had been a “hero” to him.

But Baena said he still considers the boy his son and said he wants to tell the boy, “I am your father. That’s all.”

Baena adds that he doesn’t know where his ex-wife and son are riding out the media storm.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson