arnold schwarzenegger escape plan live kelly michael politics gi Arnold Schwarzenegger: You can call the Governator 'Schnitzel'

You can call Arnold Schwarzenegger “Arnold.” You can call him “The Governator.” You can even call him “Schnitzel.” The actor and former California governor was fine with any name. He just wasn’t so happy with government stuff when he appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

While Schwarzenegger was officially on the morning show to talk about his upcoming film, “The Escape Plan.” But instead he mostly talked about his time as governor of California, following dreams and intimidating his daughter’s boyfriends.

That stuff is more fun anyway.

When asked about his time as governor, the once-and-again action star was ready to say a lot. “It was a lot of fun. It was the most challenging job I’ve ever done,” Schwarzenegger said. “I was so ready for the job, because I was so angry about politics! As much as I’m angry about politics today. Because politicians don’t get anything done. I mean, they argue. There’s this partisan kind of bickering that is going on. And that was going on in California then.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: He’s just like the rest of us!

Well, maybe not. A few moments later, Arnold brought up the fact that he never got paid for being the governor. “I didn’t even take the salary. They say you get $180,000 — it was, for me, that was petty cash.”

Most of us couldn’t say that. But that’s not a shocker. After all, most of us aren’t huge movie stars and famous people who are still totally cool with being called “Schnitzel.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown