arrested development david cross tobias queen for a day fox 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 2, episode 8   'Queen for a Day'Welcome to the “Arrested Development” Rewatch. Leading up to the release of Season 4, Zap2it
will be taking a look back at the 53 episodes that made the show one of our
most beloved TV comedies. We continue with episode 8 of Season 2, “Queen for a Day,” which first aired Jan. 23, 2005.
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Plot: Michael really, really, wants to buy a new car, so it’s good news when Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler) tells him the Bluth Company stock has been unfrozen. But there’s a risk — if too many family members sell their shares for profit, the Bluths could lose control of the company. Meanwhile, Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli) returns from a successful stint in vertigo rehab and immediately makes a play for Buster — who turns out to be more interested in Starla (Mo Collins). Also, Tobias buys a drag bar and Maeby gets her first assignment as a studio executive.

GIF-worthy scenes:

arrested development jason bateman will arnett queen for a day fox 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 2, episode 8   'Queen for a Day'arrested development liza minnelli queen for a day fox 'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 2, episode 8   'Queen for a Day'Bluth Company status: Several big changes happen in this episode. After the stock is unfrozen, most of the Bluth family sell their shares. It turns out Lucille Austero bought them up because she “loves the Bluths,” and she tells Michael she’ll turn them over to him. But after Gob tells her that Lucille 1’s bathroom remodeling extended into Lucille 2’s kitchen, she decides to keep them and make Gob the president.

Notable guest stars: Along with the return of recurring players Winkler, Minnelli and Collins, the episode also welcomes back Ed Begley Jr. as Bluth Company rival Stan Sitwell and Jeff Garlin as studio exec Mort Meyers.

Michael buys a corvette as the new company car and Tobias buys the Queen Mary bar.

Huge mistakes:
Michael trusting his family to keep their stocks, and allowing Gob to get anywhere near Lucille 2. George Michael believing Maeby found his secret love letters (when she’s really just thanking him for giving notes on her script for the studio — something George Sr. actually did while he was bored in the attic).

Most sexual tension: George Michael thinks Maeby shares his feelings; Buster is caught in a love triangle with Starla and Lucille 2.

Allusions to Tobias being gay:
They never stop in this episode, but a couple highlights: When Buster is looking for someone to dance with, Tobias tells him “My schedule is as open as my relationship with my wife. So why don’t we pair up?” Later adding: “Even if it means me taking a chubby, I will suck it up.” And when he first enters the Queen Mary, Tobias exclaims “This place is exactly what I’d hoped for. All ladies!” [Even though it’s a drag bar.]

Next on “Arrested Development”: “Lucille 2 reclaims some space” [Lucille 1 opens her bathroom door directly into the bath tub], “the Queen Mary changes hands once again” [Tobias sells to Barry — “It still has the dungeon area, right?”], “and Gob gets needy” [he knocks on Lucille 2’s door and says “Let’s go for it!” She slams it shut in his face].

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