As we get closer and closer to the May 26 premiere of “Arrested Development” Season 4, Netflix is pulling out all the stops promoting the 15 new episodes. From the traveling banana stand to the hilarious Season 4 trailer, the final countdown to the new season has somehow become more manageable.

With 11 days left to go until Season 4 premieres, Ron Howard has posted something that will make your “Arrested Development”-loving day a little better. “Just got a video reel from Dr. Tobias Funke at,” he tweets along with the above video. “Anybody seen this guy? Inspiring Stuff.”

Inspiring indeed, though it’s nice to know that Tobias hasn’t stopped making unintentional allusions to his assumed homosexuality in the seven years since we last saw him. Meanwhile Netflix has also rolled out a new batch of Season 4 images that include our first looks at guest stars John Slattery and Mary Lynn RajskubSee that still below, and check out all of the new “Arrested Development” photos in our Season 4 gallery.

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 'Arrested Development': Tobias' 'Insert Me Anywhere' sizzling reel and new photos

Posted by:Terri Schwartz