The CW is bringing its viewers “Amellsdays” this fall. That would be Wednesdays for the rest of the universe. In order to make this clear, the network got Stephen Amell (“Arrow”) and Robbie Amell (“The Tomorrow People”) to introduce the concept.

It is, as they say, Amelltastic.

There really isn’t that much happening in the one-minute video. Robbie and Stephen, who are — as the video makes clear — cousins (with incredible genes), simply talk about the fact that both of their shows will be on The CW Wednesdays this fall.

Then Robbie starts up with the Amell-style puns. In a few short seconds, we get:

  • Amelltastic
  • Amellorific 
  • Lots of Amell adventure, plenty of Amell-a-citement
  • It’s gonna be an Amell of a good time

The whole thing ends with:

Stephen: “This is why I always avoided you at Christmas.”
Robbie: “You mean Amells-is-mas.”

Obviously, the adorableness of these boys should mean millions and millions of viewers. “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and “The Tomorrow People” follows at 9 p.m. Both shows premiere on Oct. 9.

Posted by:Laurel Brown