arrow colin donnell sacrifice The 'Arrow' cast says goodbye to Tommy Merlyn: Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, and more weigh in on Colin DonnellSaying goodbye to a favorite character when he or she is killed off of a TV show is always tough for the audience — but behind the scenes, it can be rough on the team behind the show, too.

When Colin Donnell found out that his character, Tommy, would die in the “Arrow” Season 1 finale, he was understandably surprised… as was series lead Stephen Amell.

When they learned about Tommy’s fate, Donnell and Amell met for coffee to commiserate. “It was — words that you can’t say on TV,” Amell says. “Credit to [Colin], not that he wasn’t professional before, because he was, and he was a wonderful actor before, but you can do what he did which is step it up and kill it, no pun intended, for the rest of the season. He really stepped up his game.”

It’s clear that Donnell was far from expendable to the rest of the “Arrow” cast. “I’m not okay about it. When I first found out about it, I cried,” Emily Bett Rickards tells us. “I read it over and over, thinking, ‘This is a fake ending. They gave me a fake ending.'”

Colton Haynes, who has known Donnell off-screen for years, had just signed on to join the show full-time when he learned that his buddy would be bowing out. “We’re old friends, we met at a poker tournament in Vegas — because that’s where you meet best friends,” he says. As sad as Haynes was to see Donnell go, he’s not too worried about him. “Colin went and booked a massive movie with Elizabeth Banks, now he’s doing [Shakespeare] in the Park. I feel like this was really something that’s going to skyrocket him to the next thing.”

Adds Susannah Thompson, “Colin is a soulmate. I adore him, and for me to find out that was going to happen, I was devastated even before I read the script.”

Watch the video below for more cast reactions, including from Katie Cassidy and David Ramsay.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie