“Arrow” Season 2 has already done its part in creating a spinoff, “The Flash.” That potential show’s main character, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), showed up for two December episodes of “Arrow.” In this short time, Barry flirted with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), learned Oliver’s secret and ended up in a super power-inducing coma.

Is that the last audiences will hear from Barry? Could Felicity show up in the new series to visit her friend?

A recent interview with Rickards conducted by TVFanatic addresses these questions.
As for future mentions of Barry, Rickards sounds very certain in saying the young man’s name will come up on “Arrow.” He was last mentioned in a January episode, when Barry was said to still be in a coma following the StarLabs explosion.

Obviously, the Starling City people aren’t about to forget Barry easily.

The “Flash” pilot is a go and about to start production, so could Felicity cross over for a bit in the new show’s first episode? While Rickards can’t confirm anything in her video, she doesn’t deny the possibility either.

Felicity Smoak would make an excellent guest star on “The Flash,” after all. Let’s hope it will happen.

Posted by:Laurel Brown