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In a transitional episode of “Arrow” like “Blind Spot,” no one really wins. Laurel hits rock bottom (a couple of times) with the drugs. Roy loses his temper and beats a bad guy into a bloody pulp. Oliver fails to discover the true man behind the mask. Even Sebastian gets chastised by his boss.

Oh, and Deathstroke makes his Starling City debut. This mess is going to take a lot of episodes to fix. For now, find out what happens in this recap.

Sebastian Blood is a very bad man

Blood starts out “Blind Spot” by visiting and then killing his poor, insane mama. He ends the episode having set up his right-hand man to take the fall for the group’s crimes. Along the way, Blood manages to discredit Laurel completely.

It’s a big episode for Sebastian Blood.

Still, this is not the best episode for Sebastian. Oliver is now suspicious of this supposed friend, so that’s going to be an issue. And then there’s Slade Wilson asserting his boss-man status on the mirakuru project. It’s safe to say that Blood isn’t so happy after Slade — dressed in what looks like a Deathstroke costume — kills off a few henchmen and threatens the future mayor’s life if there are any more mistakes.

Messed-up Laurel is a fun Laurel!

While terrible for the woman herself, a messed-up and hitting-bottom Laurel Lance does great things for “Arrow.” She has been a fairly underwhelming character throughout most of Season 2, but putting Laurel into the depths of self-doubt and addiction bring out the best in the character.

We also finally get to see Oliver’s connection to his old flame. With all the Olicity heat going on weekly, it’s easy to forget that there was something between Oliver and Laurel once upon a time. His desperate need to believe her in this episode brings a hint of that old passion back.

Granted, Oliver ends the episode thinking that it was the drugs that fueled Laurel’s suspicions. But at least the pair have a brief rekindling of a relationship in the meantime.

For her own part, drugs and non-delusions make Laurel way more interesting. Her rage at the universe finally gets an outlet in the quest against Sebastian and her utter helplessness when no one believes her story really gets to you. An out-of-work Laurel will be fun to see too.

It will be terrible for Laurel but great for the audience if this drug habit continues at least a little while longer.

Oliver really isn’t getting anywhere with this mirakuru hunt

Despite interrogating random lowlifes about masked men and shoe colors, Oliver gets nowhere in finding the source of the mirakuru. He pursues Blood briefly, but that lead soon proves (falsely) useless.

Oliver instead spends most of the episode chasing down leads for Laurel, saving Laurel and realizing that Laurel is really, really messed-up these days. Maybe if Felicity jumps on the “It’s Sebastian Blood!” train, Oliver will figure all of this out.

For now, not so much.

Roy hulks out

Roy is still pretty much hiding the fact that he has super-strength and doesn’t get hurt anymore. He’s hiding it from Thea anyway. Sin is another story. With the friendly street urchin, Roy is a lot more honest, telling her about the serum and his new abilities.

This all is because Roy still wants to be Vigilante Jr.

Although she wants to tell Thea the truth, Sin goes along with the plan and pretends to be a prostitute in order to lure a man called the Starling Slasher (he pretty much does exactly what the name would suggest). Everything is going great on the sting until Roy loses his temper and beats the would-be criminal nearly to death. Roy even takes a swing at Sin — this at least calms the rage.

The Slasher nearly dead, Roy and Sin need to reevaluate the whole plan. The boy still won’t tell Thea what’s up though, leaving tears in a corner as the only solace.

It’s only when the Arrow shows up with an offer to train Roy that there’s any hope. Will the young man be a hero or a villain after this?

Sara says goodbye to Ivo

Back on the island, Oliver and Sara reach the old airplane, but Slade isn’t there. They make camp instead, with Sara admitting that she had a huge crush on Oliver years earlier. Nothing came of it though because Laurel found out and got Sara grounded for months. When the prison term ended, Laurel and Oliver were an item.


Sara seems to go for a little betrayal of her own after this, calling Ivo on the radio and almost going back to him. Fortunately, Sara isn’t quite this shallow and points out that the good Doctor is happily torturing people in the name of “science.” She wants nothing more to do with him.

Good choice — Oliver is listening in the bushes.

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