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In the “Arrow” episode, “The Scientist,” a young man named Barry Allen visits Starling City. This Flash-to-be might just be necessary since Oliver and his team are trying to stop a medically enhanced superman-type.

We’re talking about a bad guy that might even be too much for Oliver to handle.

Barry Allen: The sweet, adorable hero-to-be

What can we say about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)?

He looks like a child, even if he is a CSI tech of an appropriate age to flirt with Felicity. Barry gets caught in the rain, carrying bags far too large for one person. He stammers while grinning. Felicity is attracted to both his charm and his brains.

Could he be any more adorable or awesome?

Barry may have arrived to help with the Queen Consolidated case, but this CSI assistant ends up staying just as much for Felicity and to ask vigilante questions. It may be a good thing Barry’s there too — he even rearranges dangerous chemicals during a lightning storm … But don’t worry. He doesn’t get struck by a bolt from above. Yet.

As it turns out, Barry Allen is attracted to odd cases like this because he is the victim of one. Barry’s mother was killed by a “tornado” with a man inside. Although the boy’s father went to prison for the crime, Barry knows that something else — something strange — happened.

Who steals a centrifuge?

The episode begins with the theft of a giant centrifuge from Queen Consolidated. Despite evidence of massive strength, it becomes clear that only one man committed the crime. He was just a really, really strong man.

When combined with the theft of blood and a centrifuge, this case bothers Oliver greatly. It’s almost as though he knows what’s going on …

Not that having the information helps Oliver much. Punching, arrows and smashed trucks leave barely a scratch on the bad guy, while Oliver gets pummeled. At least Oliver does get a blood sample, which turns out to be laced with ketamine.

That drug had to be at an Argus relief station, so Oliver goes to investigate. It doesn’t go so well. The villain gets away and leaves Oliver unconscious and injected with a mystery drug.

Even with Barry Allen called back in to save the life of his adored vigilante, Oliver may not pull through this time!

Malcolm threatens Moira and Moira threatens back

Moira Queen is out of prison, but her life is still rather unpleasant. No one in the city thinks she’s innocent — they won’t even come to Queen-family parties.

But that wouldn’t be so bad on its own. The real problem is that Malcolm Merlyn is still skulking around and demanding possession of his daughter, Thea. Threats are made and security guards die, making Thea’s fate murky at best.

Fortunately for the girl, her mother is as crafty as anyone. She figures out that Merlyn is a member of the League of Assassins and contacts Ra’s al-Ghul about Malcolm being alive. Now, the bad man has to run and hide to avoid the deadly retribution.

Don’t mess with Moira Queen.

Roy and the vigilante have a disagreement

One of Sin’s friends, a starving artist, has gone missing, so Roy and Thea investigate. The only clue seems to be that the man went missing right after a Sebastian Blood-sponsored blood drive. While the audience knows that this means the friend is a **mirakuru victim, the police just think the whole thing is a drug overdose.

But if Roy expected the vigilante to be excited about him finding this news, the young man was wrong. Oliver neither needs nor wants Roy’s help. He makes this point abundantly clear by shooting an arrow through Roy’s leg.


Has the island ever been more important?

The answer is no.

After escaping from Dr. Ivo and his thugs, Oliver, Shado and Sara carry the mortally wounded Slade Wilson to the Japanese sub that holds **mirakuru, the wonder drug that might be able to save Slade’s life.

The hozen actually does lead the group to the inland lagoon where the sub has remained since World War II. Unfortunately, mirakuru is a rather dangerous drug. Even when they inject Slade, convulsions follow.

As footsteps sound from above, signaling the arrival of the bad guys, Slade Wilson dies.

Or does he?

Whatever the case, it looks like someone in Starling City has managed to keep the mirakuru drug alive. This particular island tale isn’t over yet.

Witty things spoken by our heroes

  • “You didn’t leave a spare earthquake machine lying around, did you?” – Lance
  • “Do your parents know that you’re here?” – Oliver to Barry
  • “It’s just a theory. One backed by a lot of evidence …” – Barry
  • “What was he like?” – Barry, asking about the vigilante
    “Green.” – Felicity
  • “Why couldn’t you have been marooned on Aruba?” – Felicity
  • “FYI, they will card him at the bar.” – Oliver on Barry

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