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“Arrow” doesn’t like to keep secrets — not really, anyway. How else do you explain the fact that there are four monster revelations in the single episode, “Deathstroke”?

Seriously, the way they keep revealing stuff, Oliver might want to invest in a billboard to make sure everyone knows. But what are the big four secrets of the week?

#1: Who’s your daddy, Thea?

At the end of the previous episode, Thea Queen made the foolish mistake of getting in Slade Wilson’s big, fancy car. That’s because he didn’t want to talk about her boyfriend issues and smudged makeup. He wanted to kidnap her. Which he does.

That’s just about all he does for awhile though, that and sending a “Save me!” video to Moira’s debate. Thus, while everyone in Starling City is running around, shooting people with Himalayan pit viper venom and arresting Slade on suspicion of kidnapping, Thea is pretty much just sitting in a warehouse.

Slade doesn’t really want to hurt Thea — not physically anyway. That’s not his dastardly plan. He just wants to destroy the girl emotionally, which he soon does by revealing Oliver’s secret.

No, not that secret. The other one: Thea now knows she’s the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn. And she thinks that this is Oliver’s fault for some reason.

#2: We knew she was bad, but we didn’t know she was this bad

Always believe your first impressions, Oliver. And don’t think a hardnosed businesswoman is your friend just because she slept with you that one time in Russia.

Isabel Rochev came in like a villain and it turns out that she is, in fact, totally a villain.

But it’s probably fair that Oliver didn’t realize Isabel was working with Slade until she stole the company from him. That’s more of a surprise. Unfortunately, this surprise now means that Queen Consolidated is happily making a whole bunch of mirakuru for Slade’s army.

There’s still a big question too: Why does Isabel hate Oliver so much? What did Robert Queen do that could bring this much danger to the family?

#3: In case you didn’t realize how crazy Slade Wilson really is …

Obviously Slade Wilson is crazy and obviously he is obsessed with Shado’s death. We just didn’t realize how crazy/obsessed he really is until Deathstroke. Because it’s super-duper crazy and obsessed to hear your dead crush speaking homicidal words to you at every moment.

It’s weird enough when Shado tells Slade to leave Oliver and Sara to languish on the island as punishment. She had just died then, so it’s almost sane to hear her words.

But listening to the ghost woman standing beside him in the Starling City present? Well, let’s just say that Slade Wilson is not likely to start listening to anything resembling reason any time soon.

#4: Guess who knows about Team Arrow now?

Toward the end of “Deathstroke,” fans are treated to a comforting sight — the original Team Arrow of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity making a vow to take down Slade and stop the horror. It’s a positive moment that totally takes the sting out of Roy leaving town and Lance getting arrested for conspiracy.

What it doesn’t take into account is Slade’s next move: He shows up at Laurel’s apartment and almost casually informs her that Oliver is the Arrow.

Will Laurel believe the guy? You might wonder about that, since insane kidnappers who show up at your door in the middle of the night aren’t the most reliable sources. But since when has Laurel needed a reliable source?

This is so going to be an issue.

Posted by:Laurel Brown