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This is a dark chapter for the heroes of “Arrow” Season 2. With Slade Wilson proving unstoppable, Thea turning against Oliver, Isabel Rochev stealing Queen Consolidated and Roy disappearing, “The Man Under the Hood” is sort of devastating.

They’re all lucky just to make it out alive. How does that happen? Find out in the recap.

Felicity gets a new entry for her resume

With Isabel in charge of Queen Consolidated, Oliver and company have more problems than just cash flow issues. The applied sciences division of the company is fully capable of supplying the kind of industrial centrifuge Slade is going to need to create his mirakuru army.

But without access, how can Oliver stop that from happening? There’s a simple solution and it involves high explosives. Everyone helps in this mission, even Felicity, who seems somewhat concerned about adding “bomber” to her CV.

The plan works though. Queen Consolidated goes boom, forcing Slade and Isabel to look elsewhere for the funky, high-tech equipment they might need to build an army.

That’s where the spinoff people come in

Remember how “Arrow” is trying to have a spinoff called “The Flash”? Well, that potential show has a great deal of importance to “The Man Under the Hood.” Without Queen Consolidated around, after all, Star Labs of Central City is the next logical place for one-stop crime shopping.

There’s even a handy warehouse in Starling City, manned only by a couple of young science types, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon (Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes, both from the “Flash” pilot). It seems that Starling City is getting tired of evil doomsday machines within the city limits and has asked that the warehouse be shut down.

They don’t get that far before Slade, in all his Deathstroke glory, stabs his way in and grabs a machine even more high-tech and weird than a centrifuge. This thing is supposed to allow multiple transfusions at once from a single donor.

Quick question: How is this worthwhile to anyone other than a super-villain building an army of drug-enhanced minions?

Side note: Caitlin and Cisco are very handy with comic-book weapons and already know Felicity from her vigils at Barry’s comatose bedside.

This week in Queen-family drama

However messed up the Queens are, at least they’re never boring. This week, the fun includes a desperate attempt to save some of their money from Isabel, convincing Thea that her paternity doesn’t negate all love, and finding out exactly why Isabel is so very annoyed with the clan.

It turns out that Isabel’s reasons for being mad are the oldest in the world: She’s a woman scorned. Years earlier, Robert Queen had fallen for the pretty business intern, and she thought they were soulmates. But when young Thea fell from her horse and got hurt, Robert rushed home to be with the girl …

… Even though he already knew that Thea was not his daughter. Yes, Robert always knew.

Thea is still way too angry to care about this though. She is even willing to let the family fortunes crumble to ruins, just to prove her point that everyone is a jerk and she hates them.

Killer Oliver is born

This episode also shows the “Arrow” audience just how Oliver started down the road to being the cold-blooded killer we saw at the beginning of Season 1. That murderous instinct really gets going when Oliver shoots Dr. Ivo, just after the evil scientist confesses that there is a cure to mirakuru and that the secret is in a safe back on the freighter.

Despite this cure existing, Oliver apparently chose to let Slade die rather than save him. Ouch.

On the plus side, the possibility of a cure is very, very good news to one Roy Harper.

Ignorance is Lance family bliss

Laurel spends much of the episode running around Starling City in an attempt to prove or disprove Slade’s claim that Oliver is really the Arrow. She basically figures it out, and then links Sara to the Canary when both sister and ex claim to have been hurt in a motorcycle accident.

All of the scars on Sara indicate something more than a traffic accident occurred.

But Laurel never confronts Oliver or Sara about identity issues, because Lance intervenes. He’s in lockup for aiding and abetting the vigilantes, which proves far too enticing for criminals wanting to beat up a cop. Lance does survive, and his daughters come rushing to the scene.

Interestingly, Laurel gets negative responses when she asks Lance point-blank about the identities of the Arrow and the Canary. He then says that he needs the Arrow to stay anonymous, because he can’t think of the vigilante as a real man.

Laurel accepts this, and then vents all frustrations on that poor District Attorney. Counselor Lance proves enough of a bully that she gets her father’s charges dropped with only a weak threat in return.

Query: Does Lance really not know the Arrow’s identity, or does he just choose not to think about it? He says he does not, but he also says he knows nothing about Sara being the Canary. So we know he lies.

Slade wins again

Throughout all of this, Oliver and Team Arrow are trying to take down Slade. They pretty much fail miserably in every attempt.

First of all, Slade shows up in the lair and promptly beats up everyone except Felicity (who is prudently hiding under the stairs instead of attacking the invincible man). But Slade wasn’t out to hurt them — he just wanted to steal the Clock King’s skeleton key.

Later on, Team Arrow tries to take out Slade while he’s transfusing his army with mirakuru blood, reasoning that the man will be weakened by the ordeal. They’re right except for one small detail — it’s not Slade providing the blood, it’s Roy.

Lots of fighting follows, with Isabel getting shot (and presumably killed) by Diggle in the crossfire. Slade is temporarily subdued, so Oliver grabs Roy and a vial of mirakuru.

The idea is to use this drug to create a new antidote that will save Roy from his bad self — assuming, of course, the kid ever wakes up.

Whether Roy wakes up or not, someone else is getting an unexpected save right at the end: Isabel Rochev. How scary is the executive going to be with mirakuru in her system?

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