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“Arrow” Season 2 is at its violent craziest in episode 20, “Seeing Red.” Roy — despite being saved from Slade Wilson and the mirakuru army — is on a rampage, and it looks like no one on Team Arrow is going to be able to stop him.

As a preview for what’s coming in “Seeing Red,” check out some spoilers and hints from “Arrow” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg.

Roy goes ‘full mirakuru’

Roy Harper is the central problem in “Seeing Red.” Perhaps due to the trauma of powering Slade’s army-building machine, the young man spends the episode in an extended, mirakuru-caused Hulk smash. As Kreisberg describes it, “He went full mirakuru.”

That said, even the writers of “Arrow” don’t have a detailed explanation about why there’s so much rage at this exact time. “That’s probably been the hardest thing in the writers’ room to manage: What happens to you when you get mirakuru-ed?” Kreisberg points out.

Unfortunately, when someone has been “injected with sci-fi, magic, super-evil juice,” it’s harder to figure out the details.

Watch for the seeds of a big Season 3 plot

One of the more notable scenes in this episode occurs in a flashback that has surprising and intriguing implications for the future.

“This is something that we will pay off in Season 3,” Kreisberg confirms of the situation — everyone watching will know exactly which one. “Like the seeds for Season 2 were planted in Season 1, the best part of the success the show has had is knowing that we’re going to be able to make more and knowing that we were going to be able to drop these things in later. In Season 1, when the Russian bratva guy says that Knyazev speaks highly of him, and Oliver was able to go, ‘He should. I saved his life’ — he’s going to be on the island in Season 2, we got to pay that off.”

The Queens’ monetary woes are just beginning

While it briefly looked like there might be a solution to Isabel Rochev stealing Queen Consolidated, don’t hold your breath on this one. The Queen fortune isn’t going to be what it used to be, once the final episodes of Season 2 get going. And it’s not going to be solved quickly either.

“We’re going to make it a thing,” Kreisberg explains about the money. “That plays out in the last five episodes. And we’re going to start Season 3 with Oliver in very different circumstances than he’s been in before. And obviously, Oliver being in different circumstances changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard and his paid assistant, since he can no longer pay them.”

The “Seeing Red” episode of “Arrow” airs Wednesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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