“Arrow” has a Roy problem in Season 2’s episode 20, “Seeing Red.” Only recently saved from Slade Wilson and his mirakuru army, Roy Harper is not just thankful to those who saved him.

In fact, as Oliver and Sara find out in this video clip from the episode, Roy is merely enraged.

Probably a combination of the standard mirakuru issues mixed with trauma (mental and physical) from Slade’s forced blood donation, Roy spends most of “Seeing Red” in a sort of Hulk state. It falls to the Arrow and the Canary to track down the kid before he does something that sane Roy would regret.

But that’s easier said than done: When they confront Roy in Sara’s old clock-tower lair, the kid gets the upper hand. Sara ends the scene knocked out while Oliver is on the floor, in obvious pain from a leg injury. Roy shows no remorse for any of this and just escapes through a hole he creates in the floor.

Will Oliver and Sara be able to stop Roy? Is the kid beyond help? Find out when the “Arrow” episode, “Seeing Red,” airs Wednesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown