When you’re an “Arrow” villain, it’s best not to attract the particular attention of any of the main characters. Officer Quentin and Laurel Lance may not be as immediately deadly as Oliver Queen or even Sara Lance, but they are tenacious.

Sebastian Blood is likely going to find this out the hard way in the upcoming Season 2 episode, “City of Blood.”

A short video clip from the episode shows Laurel and Quentin on the tail of Blood, having somehow bugged the mayor-elect’s computer to better investigate him. Most of the paper trail is clean, but there is one glaring piece of evidence: Blood drafted a press release about Moira’s death, one day before she was killed.

It’s hardly ironclad, but this is probably enough to convince the inner circle at least that Laurel wasn’t just high on drugs when she accused Blood before.

See how it all turns out when the “Arrow” “City of Blood” episode airs Wednesday (April 30) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown