arrow season 2 spoilers man under the hood oliver felicity cw 'Arrow' Season 2, episodes 19 and 20: 10 spoilers from 'The Man Under the Hood' and 'Seeing Red'

“Arrow” Season 2 is ramping up to its finale, and the next two episodes, “The Man Under the Hood” and “Seeing Red,” make that very clear. Practically non-stop action, huge character developments and several twists set the stage for the final showdown between the forces trying to control Starling City.

What’s coming? Without giving away too many spoilers about the episode, here are a few hints.

1. There is a lot of shooting in these two episodes. Shooting of arrows, shooting of guns, shooting of toxic darts, shooting of some funky weapon. … Also, there are shots. The kind with needles.

2. Look for an unexpected and quite amusing callback to episode 2 of the current season.

3. Both Diggle and Felicity find themselves with unusual jobs to do.

4. The question of who knows Oliver’s secret and who does not plays a major role in both episodes.

5. It’s hard to spend a quiet night in a hotel room when Felicity has the phone number. And remember — she’s a computer genius totally capable of calling multiple phones at once.

6. There is a clear and interesting setup for a personal plotline likely to be explored way, way, way down the road.

7. The rumored “Flash” crossover does happen in “The Man Under the Hood.” Although she isn’t why the “Flash” characters are around, Felicity does already know the two people from Central City.

8. Thea spends a great deal of time arranging the liquor shelves at Verdant. This is probably how she copes with stress.

9. People are really starting to question why Oliver and Sara have so many “motorcycle crashes.”

10. Slade’s hallucinations of Shado take on a greater and perhaps more sinister meaning by the end of “Seeing Red.”

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays (April 16 for “The Man Under the Hood” and April 23 for “Seeing Red”) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown