arrow unthinkable nyssa al ghul katrina law cw 'Arrow' Season 2 finale spoilers: Nyssa al Ghul returns to Starling City

When Oliver Queen faces Slade Wilson in the “Arrow” Season 2 finale, “Unthinkable,” he won’t be alone: Master assassin Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) is returning to Starling City.

How and why does Nyssa return? The main answer is what you might expect. “Sara will be back,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases about the end of the season. “She went to go get help. Because when you’re fighting an army, you need an army … She goes and gets Nyssa, and she comes back with the League.”

While the League of Assassins is not the most trustworthy or safe group, it may also be the only armed body capable of taking on a platoon of mirakuru-infused criminals under Slade.

When it all comes down to it in the finale, “It’s the Arrow, Canary, Roy and the League of Assassins against Slade and his mirakuru army,” Kreisberg adds.

Will that be enough? Will Nyssa’s return signal an end to Sara’s time in Starling City? Answers should come in the final three episodes of “Arrow” Season 2, “City of Blood” (April 30), “Streets of Fire” (May 7) and “Unthinkable” (May 14).

Posted by:Laurel Brown