Could there be a musical episode of “Arrow” coming in Season 2? A short Vine video posted by the show’s star, Stephen Amell, has been posted with the caption: “Season 2. BIG TIME SPOILERS! #Arrow”

Does this mean there is really going to be a song-filled romp through the dark streets of Starling City? Will Oliver Queen soon be singing to the bad guys instead of just shooting them? Will shirtless pull-ups give way to dance numbers?

Or is this just another example of Amell having way too much fun with Vine?

It is probably this last question that points to the true answer, but the video is still rather entertaining.

“So what are the plans for Season 2?” Amell asks to the assembled room of writers. There is no answer — no verbal answer, that is. Instead, the camera pans over to a white-board on which the following writing can be seen: “203 — Oliver breaks into song! Musical episode.”

After this, the short video ends with a brief look of horror on Stephen Amell’s face. Maybe the “Arrow” music video is an unlikely prospect in reality.

That’s okay. What would Oliver Queen sing about anyway?

Posted by:Laurel Brown