arrow 222 streets of fire malcolm merlyn cw 'Arrow' Season 2 spoilers: John Barrowman's return in 'Streets of Fire'

“Arrow” is bringing Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) back to Starling City for the final episodes of Season 2. What will the villain’s role be? How will he interact with his secret daughter, Thea Queen? Will Oliver see Malcolm as an enemy or an ally this time around?

A couple of photos from the upcoming “Streets of Fire” episode, along with spoilers from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, offer hints about Malcolm’s place at the end of the season.

One of the most important questions, when it comes to Malcolm is whether he will have any interaction with Thea. The answer is most definitely yes. “All hell is going to break loose in the city, and Thea will find herself in a precarious predicament — and Thea is going to be saved by her father,” Kreisberg teases. “He is going to offer her what she doesn’t have anymore.”

arrow 222 streets of fire malcolm merlyn thea queen cw 'Arrow' Season 2 spoilers: John Barrowman's return in 'Streets of Fire'That would be the promise of a family. As it turns out, the decision to kill Moira Queen a few episodes back had a great deal to do with wanting to bring Thea and Malcolm together. “That was part of our math with killing Moira,” Kreisberg says. “If we were going to send Thea in that direction, there couldn’t be anything that was pulling her back here. Now she has a brother who lied to her and has done something unforgivable and no mother. On the flipside, she has Malcolm Merlyn saying, ‘I will never lie to you, Thea.'”

While that in itself is almost definitely a lie, it’s pretty obvious why Thea would want to believe it.

The “Arrow” episode featuring Merlyn’s return, “Streets of Fire,” airs Wednesday (May 7) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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