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“Arrow” does love its interpersonal drama and shocking twists, doesn’t it? Both are fully on display in “Time of Death,” an episode that shoots Felicity full of self-doubt (and bullets), shows just how dysfunctional the Lances really are and brings Slade Wilson back into Oliver’s life.

Also, there was a bad guy. It’s a busy episode.

Killing time

The villain of the week in “Time of Death” is William Tockman, aka the Clock King. He earns his name thoroughly — in order to raise money for a sister dying of cystic fibrosis, Tockman sends perfectly timed henchmen to steal a decoder and then lots of money.

When the guys listen, this goes very well. When they don’t … Let’s just say there’s a reason why Tockman is the mastermind and these guys are the goons. One of the henchmen even clocks out — with a clock hand in his eye.

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The Arrow gang can’t stop Tockman too easily either. That’s because Tockman is every bit as good with computers as he is with timing things to the millisecond. Each firewall and each hack that Felicity does, Tockman counters it with a hack of his own. He even convinces the Arrow Lair computers to commit suicide!

Eventually, Oliver baits Tockman by moving a bunch of his own money into a bank while Felicity sets up an electronic trap. The Clock King counters by threatening to blow the furnaces, but he doesn’t seem to realize just how many heroes are involved in stopping him.

While Oliver does some cool slides and takes out the henchmen, Diggle deals with the furnaces. This leaves Sara and Felicity to track and take down Tockman …

No one puts Felicity in the corner!

Here’s the thing: Felicity is starting to feel marginalized with Sara around. Not only does the Canary up the blonde population, she also is pretty competent in just about everything. With Tockman defeating Felicity’s computer work at every turn, the computer genius is starting to think no one even wants/needs her around.

Poor Felicity doesn’t even have any cool scars to share with the group!

The climax of the Clock King confrontation changes all of that. Felicity uses Tockman’s own hack to trace his location and leads Sara to the site. But the villain surprises them and fires in their direction — Sara only survives because Felicity shoves her out of the way.

It’s Felicity who’s shot this time. Despite the pain and the blood and all of that, Felicity still manages to bring down the baddie. She uses Tockman’s “explode now” virus to electrocute the man with his cell phone.

And that’s the end of this enemy.

Back in the lair, Felicity gets happy with some oxycodone and the knowledge that she still matters. She even gets to remain Oliver’s girl. But not his girl. His girl. These are two different things in Felicity-land.

Meanwhile, over in the soap opera that is the Lances

Laurel and Sara still aren’t talking. Laurel is still boozing it up and popping pills, not even willing to see her sister at a welcome-home-from-being-dead party. Basically, Laurel doesn’t want anything to do with her not-dead sister.
Unfortunately, Officer Lance really wants the family together again. He thinks that Sara’s return might revive the happy family — meaning his estranged wife. Even Laurel gets behind this one and offers to host a dinner.

It doesn’t go well, to say the least. Dinah isn’t coming back, since she has a job and a boyfriend in another city. And Sara brings Oliver along, making it clear to Laurel that her little sister is up to her old, Oliver-stealing ways.

Interestingly, the big blow-up is between Oliver and Laurel in the hallway. She blames him for everything. He points out that he isn’t the cause of the substance abuse. Then he offers to pay for her booze, which kind of makes Oliver responsible for any of Laurel’s future substance abuse issues.

But this still works as a wake-up call for Laurel. She ends the episode reconciling with Sara and attending AA with her father (which totally negates the second A there, but whatever).

Double the revelations, double the fun

In a minor revelation, the audience learns that the friendship between Sara and Sin is not an accident. A plane had crashed back on the island, with the pilot’s dying wish being that someone look out for his young daughter. That daughter is, of course, Sin.

The more important revelation comes when Thea lures Oliver back home in an attempt to reconcile the mother-son fight the Queens have going. It doesn’t really work, but Oliver can’t storm out fast enough to avoid meeting Moira’s guest: Slade Wilson.

Oh boy …

A few quotes to say goodbye

  • “When you come back from the dead, you get a party.” — Oliver
  • “You’re not a killer, Oliver.” — Lance
  • “If you don’t want to pretend to be mother and son, don’t throw parties at my house.” — Moira
  • “You’re lucky your life does not revolve around lying.” — Thea
  • “I’m gonna go use the little blonde’s room.” — Sara
  • “Now he won’t be able to hack into our comms, even if he had a bazooka.” — Felicity
  • “Why do you even need me when you have her?” — Felicity
    “Because you’re irreplaceable, Felicity.” — Diggle
  • “I have loved you for half of my life, but I’m done running after you.” — Oliver
  • “I’ve always wanted to say I’ve taken a bullet for someone and now I have. So I really should be thanking you.” — Felicity
  • “I know it sounds like the same word, but it means something different in my head.” — Felicity
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