arrow season 3 olicity thea malcolm spoilers 'Arrow' Season 3: Emily Bett Rickards and John Barrowman promise more Olicity and MalcolmAfter “Arrow’s” epic Season 2 finale — as if we’d expect anything less — Season 3 is already shaping up to be even more intense than ever. Star Emily Bett Rickards and new series regular John Barrowman spilled some thoughts on the finale and what it means for the future when Zap2it stopped them on the red carpet at The CW’s upfront presentation in New York City on Thursday (May 15). Here’s what they had to say:

First things first — that “I love you” moment in the “Arrow” finale? It’s going to remain confusing for a bit longer. “I think everyone was surprised with how real it felt because it felt real, but do we ever really know? This just in: I’m never going to figure out love,” Rickards says of the Olicity fakeout.

Frankly, nobody’s going to figure it out any time soon. “I remember being a toddler and asking my dad why all songs were about love, and he said that’s the only thing we don’t understand,” Rickards says.

Season 3 will obviously feature some more Olicity moments, Rickards promises, but it’ll also expand the “Arrow” world even further by going deeper into the storylines of some of the more peripheral characters. “There’s a bigger ensemble, more storylines and different characters are going to be explored. I think that’s really important, Rickards says.

“This season I’m hoping will be a little bit more emotional, maybe a little bit more family members or different storylines. Maybe Roy Harper’s storyline, maybe Thea’s storyline — Moira is not there. I miss her.”

Speaking of Thea, she went off with her biological father, the evil Malcolm Merlyn, in the finale. Barrowman, a newly minted series regular, says he has high hopes for his new family unit in Season 3.

“My theory behind it, as the guy who plays Malcolm, is that Malcolm has always been able to manipulate people physically and with money, but he lost his son, Tommy, through emotion,” Barrowman says. “Tommy decided to become a hero because he loved somebody. Malcolm is getting right in there with Thea at her emotional low to try to control and manipulate her and do his best to make her the toughest cookie that she can be and also to have some control over her.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley