arrow season 3 spoilers daniel seth toshi akiko stephen amell cw 'Arrow' Season 3 spoilers: Oliver's new enemy, Felicity's new lover?

“Arrow” Season 3 is casting a host of recurring characters, according to reports. Some are enemies. Some are friends. At least one might even be a love interest for Felicity. Who are they?

According to TVLine, there are four new characters coming to the show: Daniel, Seth, Toshi and Akiko. Keep reading for hints and speculation on each.


Described as a man in his 20s, this recurring character is an entrepreneur working on cutting-edge technology. He also has a tragic past — something required in a superhero show — that might drive him to high-powered vigilante justice. Perhaps even more important than this, Daniel may just become a love interest for Felicity.

Could this be the oft-rumored Nightwing? Since “The Vampire Diaries” star Steven R. McQueen has been publicly lobbying and hinting at the role recently, that’s not impossible. If Daniel and Nightwing are the same man, it might explain how he could interest Felicity and rival Oliver. Mere mortals would have trouble with that.


This is a bad guy. An ambitious criminal with major chemistry skills, Seth has a drug that makes his enemies obey his commands. He can also beat people up as well as Oliver.

Seth will undoubtedly correspond to some villain from the DC Comics world. More details, however, may be needed to identify him further.

Toshi and Akiko

With these characters, we move to Oliver’s past with ARGUS. Toshi is the rough equivalent of Season 1’s Slade Wilson — a teacher and handler, as well as a friend. But Toshi isn’t quite as isolated and/or potentially psychotic as Slade. He is a devoted husband to Akiko — no slouch herself on the fighting front — and a loving father.

Oliver has never mentioned either Toshi or Akiko in the present day. Is this due to secrecy or due to some dark occurrence in their shared past? That’s for Season 3 to answer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown