arrow the flash grant gustin barry allen casting glee interview gi 'Arrow' spinoff: How 'The Flash' cast Grant Gustin in the lead role

“Arrow” may only be going into Season 2, but the show already has a spinoff planned. “The Flash,” set to star Grant Gustin (“Glee”), will come out of three upcoming “Arrow” episodes — 8 and 9 will establish the lead “Flash” character of Barry Allen, while episode 20 of the current season is the planned pilot for the new series.

How did Gustin get the role? According to “Arrow” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, no one else every really had a chance. “Grant — just like Stephen [Amell], ironically — was the first person that we saw say the lines,” Kreisberg said. “We met with a lot of other really talented people … And it was funny, as each one of us were working on individual scenes and whatnot, we all sort of came together and said, ‘We’re all writing Grant.’ It was just him, just in the same way it was just Stephen.”

The casting of Gustin before the “Flash” pilot had to be written has also informed the character of Barry as he goes into the new program. “With ‘Arrow,’ we wrote it with nobody in mind,” Kreisberg explained. “Now, when we go into writing our actual pilot episode — episode 20 [of ‘Arrow’] — we already have our guy. And we’ve already seen him on screen.”

As to what sort of character we will see in Barry Allen, Kreisberg shared a few details about the young man. “Barry has a very easy relationship with Felicity — because Barry is a forensic scientist and he’s young and he’s a little bit socially awkward like she is,” the producer said. “There’s a lot of fun with that. In a way, it’s been sort of fun getting the voice.”

Based on this, it sounds like the nerdy — but super — hero of “The Flash” is ready to go.

Posted by:Laurel Brown