arrow bex taylor klaus the killing amc 'Arrow' spoilers: Bex Taylor Klaus cast as Sin in Season 2

Sin is coming to “Arrow” Season 2. That would be the character named Sin from the DC-Comics world, a girl with impressive martial-arts skill. Bex Taylor-Klaus (“The Killing”) will play the role.

On the TV show, Sin is a kid on the streets, possibly involved in crime of the petty variety (as reported by TVLine). The girl will first appear in episode 2 of the upcoming season and will befriend the new character of the Black Canary. Taylor-Klaus is currently scheduled to appear in episodes 2 and 4.

Taylor-Klaus recently gained a great deal of attention for her role of Bullet, a troubled teen appearing in the most recent season of “The Killing.”

The television version of Sin seems set to differ from the comics version. As originally conceived, Sin was a young girl that the Black Canary met in a small Asian village, training in martial arts under a cruel matriarch. When the Canary left, she took Sin with her and eventually came to raise the girl as her foster daughter. Later comic arcs had the Green Arrow faking Sin’s death so that villains could not kidnap and exploit the girl’s talents.

“Arrow” Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown