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As “Arrow” comes to the end of Season 2, the tension is rising along with the number of people who know Oliver Queen’s secret identity. Both of those factors come into play in the upcoming “City of Blood” episode.

One of those most affected by the events in these final episodes is Officer Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne. Zap2it spoke with the actor about what might be coming, Lance’s relationships with his daughters (especially that one who favors black leather) and whether or not the cop knows the true identity of the Arrow.

What can you tease about the final episodes of Season 2?
Paul Blackthorne: Everything’s the end of the world on ‘Arrow.’ We’re really good at end-of-the-world moments. We’re obviously building towards the finale now, and it’s a rather amped-up, supercharged finale on every front. To me, it’s not two or three episodes — it’s just one big finale. With Slade’s army on the move and all hands on deck, no matter what universe you’re from, we’re all in it together. We’ve got a handful!

Thanks to his daughter’s threats, Lance is out of jail. How does he reenter the fight against Slade Wilson and Sebastian Blood?
Lance, yeah, he’s back on his feet, thanks to Laurel’s fine stand there. She did her dad well there, absolutely!

Lance is back on his feet, he’s out of prison, he’s back in the precinct. And of course Laurel comes along with some rather interesting news about Sebastian Blood, which definitely changes the way we feel about him — to say the least. Of course, Laurel has been after this guy, but we all thought she was crazy because she was on the drink and the drugs. And here we are now starting to believe it, especially when she presents some hardcore evidence. There’s a little twist and turn going on there. Then, by the end of the episode, all hell breaks loose. We’re really, really, really see what we’re facing here in Starling City. It’s not looking pretty, and we’re going to need a good couple of episodes to get our heads around it. It’s going to be a big one!

Will Lance still want to work with the Arrow, or has his prison time made the cop warier?
His relationship with the vigilante, the Arrow as he wants to be called these days, is very positive now. They’ve been together for the whole season, really. The odd couple is doing quite well, assisting each other whenever they can.

It’s all about the bigger picture for Lance. But in the system he realizes things are a little bit skewed and he’s wearing a badge and he’s part of it, but he’s stepping outside of it for the good of Starling City. And if he has to do that with the Arrow, he will do. He’s comfortable with that. As he said in ‘The Man Under the Hood,’ in the scene in the hospital bed, if he’s got to do time for this guy, he’ll do it. Because he’s doing everything for the good of the city, and ultimately he knows the same applies to the Arrow. He’ll take the rap for the Arrow if he has to, and as long as that guy is still serving the city, he’s fine with that.

At the end of ‘Seeing Red,’ Sara Lance skipped town with no warning. How is Lance going to react to his long-lost daughter disappearing again?
To be honest, she’s been doing that since she was about 12. Myself and Laurel — I mean Katie, the two Katies — we talk about our family history quite a lot. While Laurel had her head in the books, Sara was the one who was always off somewhere, disappearing and being the naughty little rebel that she was. It’s interesting — she still is that person.

But the thing that makes Lance strangely content is that ultimately it’s played out in the way that it has, they are both still serving the city — just in two very, very different ways. Laurel’s again, still with her head in the books and Sara’s running around, kicking butt in that leather costume. So ultimately, my girls are OK! They’re all right.

To see her disappear is not good — of course he cares and it’s going to give him a sleepless night. But at the same time he knows what Sara’s like, and it’s a bit of a shoulder-shrug moment. But it’s not out of character and he knows it — especially in these days of leather costumes!

One thing that Lance has noticed is that she does seem to be able to take care of herself. So that lessens the concern somewhat.

Lance has insisted that he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know the identity of the Arrow. Is he lying, living in denial or just really unobservant?
He of course has his suspicions. He wouldn’t be a human being really, and of course he’s running around Starling — he has his suspicions as to who it might be.

But on two levels, the two things that affect him are as follows. Firstly, as he said in the hospital, he doesn’t want to get too close emotionally to this guy. He’s a compassionate person, Lance, and he’s going to care about this guy. So he doesn’t want to get too emotionally close to him. Really, he needs this to be a very functional character in his life, one that helps with the city and he uses in a very practical way. So he doesn’t want to know who he is, because he might get to care about him. And then secondly, the more he knows about him, the more he’s not revealing himself, the more he has to lie. He’s still in the system, and although he’s working with this guy, he doesn’t want to know so much that he has to … If he knows his identity, then he’s going to be in a position where he has to reveal this guy.

As I said, knowing that this guy serves the city more than anybody else around here can, he doesn’t want to reveal the guy! But given the position that he’s in, if he does know it, he really would have to. So I tell you what: Let’s all stick our heads in the sand, we’ll put our fingers in our ears and go ‘No! I don’t want it! Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me!’ ‘Cause the way things are now, kind of neurotic and skewed and peculiar, it works.

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