ashton kutcher bears online Ashton Kutcher dons wedding ring for new online postThere was much ballyhoo made Friday (Oct. 21) when Ashton Kutcher posted a video on wherein he spoke about honesty in the media. Ashton says, “We are our own editors and our own publishers and printers. And therefore anyone can bastardize the truth in any way
shape or form they want and spread it all around the world.”

Was the ballyhoo made about his talk of honesty? No. Much ado was made because he appeared in the video sans wedding ring. He also appeared sans ring in the next video he posted.

Now Sunday (Oct. 23), Kutcher has posted a new Chime.In picture (above) and message (below), albeit one about the Chicago Bears, but he now is sporting his wedding ring. Is it a coincidence that he’s wearing it and pointing to his hat with his left hand?

I can BEARly wait…
Sunday morning is hands down, by far, the best day of the week. The anticipation of the events to unfold on game day are unparalleled. I am one of those delusional people that absolutely believes my fandom with dictate the outcome of the game. And this fantasy that I allow to play out every sunday is indeed the highlight of my week. GO BEARS!!!!!!

We can’t help but thinking it’s a pointed choice, since the rumor mill has been swirling for months about Ashton’s alleged infidelity in his six-year marriage to Demi Moore.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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