We know what you’re thinking. Please, no. Not another lame romantic comedy. 
But this one has real promise — with touches of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”
“Valentine’s Day” Ashton Kutcher and “Knocked Up” star Katherine Heigl are actually very cute together in this preview. The story goes like this: A woman (Heigl) meets her ideal man (Kutcher), while vacationing in the South of France. Yeah, been there, done that.  

]]>They swiftly get together, apparently before she finds out what he really does for a living.

Once back at home, their picture-perfect life is turned upside down when they find out that their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill them. And Kutcher turns out to be a hit man/secret agent himself.
The movie opens on June 4. Expect kisses, guns, car chases and witty banter. More Ashton Kutcher dish: