austin mahone sick hospital gi Austin Mahone rushed to hospital, posts Instagram photo

Pop singer Austin Mahone is in the hospital according to reports and according to Mahone’s own Instagram account.

According to a source that spoke to on Oct. 17, the teen star was “rushed to the hospital at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.” He had reportedly felt sick for several days and simply took a turn for the worse. “It’s unclear what the singer’s condition is at this time,” that same source added.

Whatever the cause of his hospitalization, Mahone was well enough to post an Instagram photo of himself hooked up to an IV. The caption read simply:

“I’ve never felt so bad.”

austin mahone sick hospital instagram Austin Mahone rushed to hospital, posts Instagram photoWhile Mahone’s health is obviously the priority in the short-term, this hospitalization may cause the postponement of the singer’s tour until early 2014. It was supposed to begin on the same day that he went to the hospital.

A YouTube sensation before hitting it big in the past year, Austin Mahone has recently made news by being linked to Camila Cabello of group Fifth Harmony. The two reportedly met at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Since the news of his sickness got out, fans on Twitter have gotten #prayforaustin to trend.

Posted by:Laurel Brown