naomi wolf getty Author Naomi Wolf detained by police for aiding Occupy Wall Street protestorsFeminist author Naomi Wolf was detained by police at an Occupy Wall Street protest outside Skylight Studios in Manhattan Tuesday (Oct. 18), where Gov. Andrew Cuomo was being honored with the “Game Changer of the Year Award” from the Huffington Post, reports the AP.

The anti-corporate greed protest contained a crowd of around 50, though Wolf was not initially among them. She was there to attend the ceremony and noticed the police were ordering the activists away from the event. Wolf was trying to help the protestors because the police were unlawfully shepherding them away from the HuffPo event, which the HuffPo’s permit did not call for.

“I was taken into custody for disobeying an unlawful order,” Wolf tells the Huffington Post. “The issue is that I actually know New York City permit law
… I didn’t choose to get myself arrested. I chose to obey the law and
that didn’t protect me.”

The HuffPo’s Media Group VP of communications Mario Ruiz says, “The NYPD asked the security agent in charge whether we had secured
permits allowing us to place a red carpet on the sidewalk and to build a
curbside tent, and we stated that we did. We did
not instruct the police to move the protesters nor were we consulted by
the police in connection with their decision to move the protesters.”

Wolf says the NYPD later told her she and her partner Avram Ludwig were detained for a “safety issue.” The police did not dispute Wolf’s claim that neither she nor her partner were breaking the law.

Wolf is a political activist and the author of “The Beauty Myth.” She also blogs for the Huffington Post

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