sam worthington golden globes 320 'Avatar' star Sam Worthington bites into 'Dracula'Sam Worthington may yet play another “beyond human” role.

The “Avatar” actor is in talks to star in the Alex Proyas period vampire flick “Dracula Year Zero,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Universal project will delve a little more sympathetically into the Dracula origin story, painting Prince Vlad the Impaler as a tragic hero whose unhappy love story occurs during a dark time of magic and war.

Worthington is on a roll playing characters that are just a shade other than human. In “Avatar,” he takes over the genetically engineered body of a blue-skinned Na’vi on the planet Pandora, in “Terminator Salvation” he was a cyborg, and in the upcoming “Clash of the Titans” remake will play Greek hero Perseus, who’s been fathered by Zeus.

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