Exuding as much cool as ever, Samuel L. Jackson showed up for the Wednesday (April 11) premiere of “The Avengers” looking fly in a white coat, hat and shades. Strolling the red carpet to talk about his role as Nick Fury, the super-spy who assembles the team of crusaders, the actor told Zap2It all about what it takes to be a superhero.
“I guess some people would say being strong, good-looking, and indestructible,” the actor says.
For the veteran tough guy, such characteristics may not be too much of a stretch. In the motion picture return of his character for Joss Whedon‘s action flick, out May 4, Jackson says audiences will discover not much has changed.
“People will just see a lot more of him [Fury],” Jackson says. “He’s still as hard as ever, as tough as ever, and kind of glad at the end of the film that the Avenger initiative came about.”
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