Mark-Ruffalo-The-Avengers.jpg“Marvel’s The Avengers” premiered on April 11, and Zap2it got to sit in for the press conference. They chatted about the film, but the real fun was the goofy cast moments. Here are the five funniest moments from the press conference.

Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk and has a nude scene in the film. Robert Downey Jr. yelled out, “How come Harry Dean Stanton is the only one who got to see Mark Ruffalo naked?” Without missing a beat, Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury counters, “I was naked in front of Harry Dean Stanton, the night before he shot the scene.” “You lucky b******,” says Downey.

Ruffalo, who was the comic relief of the entire press conference, also has a very perceptive son. He says he spoke to Joss Whedon, who told him that he really liked the TV show. He rented them with his son. “About three episodes in, my ten-year-old son says to me, ‘Papa, he’s so misunderstood!’ I basically based my character entirely on my ten-year-old boy, who basically has all the force of nature screaming out of his body, while at the same time, having everyone around him telling him to f****** control himself.”

When asked if they could switch characters, everyone was very sweet about praising their cast mates. Jackson, however, says “I want to be Scarlett (Johansson). I just want to be that cute for like 15 minutes.”

The cast joked about texting things like “Avengers assemble at such and such a bar,” and Ruffalo’s roof parties. The cast obviously got along well. But as far as the most memorable off-set moment? Ruffalo says, “I just remember coming into someone’s place and seeing a group of half naked stunt men in a hot tub and Scarlett Johansson standing over them with a giant ladle, making boy soup.”

Chris Hemsworth discussed the brother against brother battles between Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), saying that he approached it in terms of that instead of someone taking over the universe. He has brothers, including “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth. Downey teases him, saying, “But don’t you feel that Liam is trying to take over your box office universe? Doesn’t he need to be corrected in some way?” “Oh, well, he’s got a few bruises from me,” Hemsworth laughs.

“Marvel’s The Avengers” will hit theaters on May 4.

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