awake oregon reax nbc 'Awake': Is Michael Britten not the only one with two realities?On Thursday’s (March 29) episode of “Awake,” Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) tracked the Gemini killer in his Rex (Dylan Minnette) reality with clues he received in the Hannah (Laura Allen) world — and even became a suspect in the killings as well. But did the real killer reveal an important twist?

At the end of the episode, after the Gemini killer escapes, he calls Michael’s cell phone and lays this little diatribe on him:

“Can you really not tell if you’re awake or asleep? I bet they’ve told you that you’re crazy, that you need help, that you need to get well. You see, that’s the thing about guys like you and me, there’s no other way for us to be. You take away what makes us us, and what’s left? No, don’t let them do that to you. The world needs a few of us to see it sideways. Sweet dreams, Detective Britten. And speaking just for myself, I’d be very disappointed if you woke up.”

Does this mean that the serial killer is awaking in a new reality each day the same way Michael is, hence lending an even more sci-fi edge to the NBC drama? Maybe. But probably not if you believe what “Awake” creator Kyle Killen told IGN earlier this month.

“I think we’ve tried to say as grounded as possible,” he said. “That is to say as grounded as one can be with alternate universes. I think we’ve tried to stay with the notion that ‘one is a mental construction that takes place when his eyes are closed and the other is the reality that he takes in when his eyes are open.’ You just cannot separate one from the other. As opposed to, say, him literally transferring between parallel universes. I am more intrigued about something the closer it is to something either you or I could experience.”

Killen’s interview makes it sound like the possibility that Michael — and now the serial killer — could actually be moving between worlds is nil. So was the Gemini killer only speaking metaphorically about his and Michael’s similarly fractured realities? Or do you think there’s more of a sci-fi element to the story than Killen lets on?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper